Life Lessons While Weeding

By Kimm Brett

It is always amazing to me how God can speak to you in the midst of your life tasks.  He can use simple everyday activities to illuminate aspects for you to ponder.  This weekend I had one of those moments.  We have embarked on the springtime task of weeding and mulching the flower beds at our home.  I wish I could tell you that we are always diligent with this activity, but I do not want to start off on the wrong foot as I write this encouragement.  

The particular area we were working in had large green leaves from the daylily plants that have emerged for the season.  I was working on the outskirts of the daylilies. My thought was it would not take too long as there were not too many weeds around the plants and only a few weeds could be seen amongst the leaves that would need addressed.  However, as I started moving the leaves around, I could see small weeds covering the soil near the base of the plants.
This picture struck me as being similar to our lives.  On the outside, it appears everything is okay.  There may be a minor thing or two to address, but overall, from a quick glance most things are in order.  But what if people started really looking??  What would they find??

I know for me there are those aspects that can creep in slowly like the weed at the base of the plant.  At first, it really does impact life.  Most people in your life really can’t see it.  It is a minor nuisance.  It is easier to leave it be then taking the time to address it and remove the root.    
However, if left unaddressed it will grow bigger and start to impact our lives.  People start to notice these aspects as they are no longer hidden underneath what people see.  These aspects impact our everyday and how people interact with us.  And if still not addressed can take over our lives.

Just like weeding the garden, if we look to our Gardener and ask His help to address our “weeds”, it shall be done!  We must seek His guidance through His word and prayer time with Him.  He will lead and guide us without hesitation!
After the weeding is complete in the flower bed, the mulch is spread to protect the soil from weeds during the upcoming season.  So, it is similar in life - we must continue to seek Him and study His word.  This will provide the protection to keep the “weeds” out of our life.

I hope this has provided some encouragement today!  I know I was blessed this weekend as I thought about this picture.  God is so good!  I pray that you will take time to ask Him if there are any “weeds” that need to be addressed in your life and work with Him to address them at the root.  Each of us has an amazing life to share with others just as each flower has its own beauty!   Don’t let the “weeds” be what people see, let them see the person God has created you to be!

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BARBARA J FISHER - May 16th, 2023 at 12:06pm

Thank you, Kimm. What a beautiful revelation while weeding your garden. Isn't it amazing how we can fellowship with Him at any time, and how He uses such simple, everyday activities to reveal His heart.